Installation of a receiver on a 2017 Bolt

Receiver Installation

When we bought Zeus we did so replacing our 2014 Chevy Silverado, we did so knowing we wouldn't be able to tow our camper any more but still needed some utility out of the Bolt (IE Garbage runs, lumber pickup, Christmas tree pickup, and so on). Basically light (like less then 1000 lbs) duty work and cargo carrying. 

Enter the Draw-Tite reciever, we chose this for its superior tongue weight compared to other offerings. We also chose the Curt Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier as our first accessory to take advantage of the receiver once installed. 

The installation was pretty easy and took about an hour to complete. 

Ok I did this wrong, I thought the plastic pin was ribbed and you just wiggled it out. No, look close at the pin, it has 2 parts and right where the circle is there is a place to fit a screw driver in and pull the center piece out. I didn't break anything but the second one I did correctly.
Hole where the new bolt is fished into the frame and bolt that is removed to attach the receiver.
Fish line provided, easy as pie
Fishing bolt into the frame
Ready for attachment....almost
You need to cut out a 3 1/4" X 5" in the flashing. Wasn't too hard to do with a razor blade.
Hitch attached
Final Product
With cargo carrior


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