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Zeus's First Vacation

Virginia Beach 2017
Zeus came to us on June 27th, a 2017 Premier Chevy Bolt with all the bells and whistles and our new primary vehicle. This is not our first plug in electric vehicle but it is our first all electric. We knew the apps to use to plan our route and there was never a doubt that we were going to take it on vacation. As soon as the papers where signed (had to wait 2 agonizing days for delivery) we ordered a receiver and carrier to carry our larger camping supplies then started planning our trip (we were a little excited).

Let's take a moment to talk about planning our trip

Planning your trip is an important part of easy long distance travel.  We used the PlugShare app
 (Android / iOS, not the website) to do the planning and it was a piece of cake. If you have never used PlugShare to plan a trip here is a quick overview (iOS):
1) Tap the "Me" tab in the app 2) Tap "Trip Planner" then the + icon in the top right. 3) Enter your source and destination ad…